EXCITING NEWS! Camp WaterColor is now open and it is a beautiful place to spend time with your friends and family here at the beach. In case you’re wondering what’s changed, here are the updates:

  • Main Butterfly Pool with Monarch Slide is Open and Heated; Lifeguard Staffed
  • Caterpillar Pool (Zer0-Entry, Children’s Area with Skipper Slide) is Open and Heated
  • Lazy Lizard Pool (Zero-Entry, Lazy River) is Open
  • Basketball Court is Open
  • Playground is Open
  • The Canteen Restaurant & Bar is Open Daily from 11AM-7:30PM, serving food and drinks

There is also a huge soccer field at Camp WaterColor that is a perfect place to not just play soccer but just toss the football around or practice catch with your kids. Camp WaterColor is situated right in the heart of WaterColor on Spartina Circle and is easily accessible from all phases of WaterColor. Based on what I see going on when I go by Camp WaterColor, it is bustling with activity and lots of smiling faces so it must be a huge plus for this area! #campwatercolor #watercolorfl #30a #30arealtyservices